Special Projects

Gross National Happiness?
I traveled to Nepal and Bhutan in November/December of 2008 to investigate the first stirrings of insurgency among Bhutan's disenfranchised Nepalese minority. The trip was funded by an investigative grant awarded by The Nation Institute.

Afghanistan: A Return Home
In May 2008, I traveled to Afghanistan with two other journalists, following an Afghan refugee who had lived in Phoenix, Arizona since 2001 back on his first trip to his home country since the U.S.-led intervention. The trip was sponsored by the Pulitzer center on Crisis Reporting. Click here for details.

Lebanon: Refuge in Ruin
I spent December 2007 and January 2008 in Lebanon among the Palestinian refugees of the Nahr al Bared camp, destroyed in conflict
The trip was sponsored by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. Click here for details.

Immigration: New Voters, Old Fears
: a multimedia project for the Carnegie and Knight Foundations
This June, I spent two weeks in Miami getting up and close to the shifts in the traditionally Republican Cuban power base there and the political consequences of the rapidly growing non-Cuban Hispanic groups (Colombia, Nicaraguan, Mexican). The backdrop to these changes: the looming Presidential elections in November. Click here for the final multimedia project, produced on a fellowship for the Carnegie and Knight Foundations.

Pearl Journalism Project
I am a journalism instructor with this initiative which connects journalists with high school students in developing countries on the web. I have evaluated and tutored children from Vietnam, Korea, Russia, Mexico, Israel and Estonia.