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I work as a media and communications consultant for BBC Media Action, IWPR and Choson Exchage.

In this role, I provide services ranging from media training to mentorship, project management, strategic planning and editorial management.

Past contracts have included:

- Training businessmen and women in North Korea about business communications, branding and logos. (Choson Exchange, May 2018)

- Managing broadcast and social media projects based in Tunis for Libyan and Tunisian youth audiences (BBC Media Action, Jan - March 2018)

- Drafting syllabi, organising and delivering trainings on various aspects of journalism and media including: radio, video and social media journalism skills and practice; mobile journalism (MoJo); political reporting post-revolution or in authoritarian contexts; using media and journalism in times of humanitarian crisis and natural disasters; and training of trainers, or ToT. (BBC Media Action, 2014 - present and IWPR, 2009 - 2012)

- Deployments have included: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Benin, Gambia, Mali, Myanmar, Niger, North Korea, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia and Zambia
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